Classicnews Income Program Review: How to join

Classic news Income Program Review (LEGIT or SCAM)

Do you want to know if classic news income program is legit or not? See full details below on How To Make Money Online With Classicnews Income Program and Cashout Weekly. Classic news Income Program Review, Get paid N10, 000+ to your bank account every Sunday reading and commenting on news.

Today, I’ll write a detailed analysis of Classic news Income Program Review, another latest income program in Nigeria, a legitimate way to make money online without breaking rules.

I’ll proceed by breaking down the review analysis into parts for better understanding.

I’ll gladly make a income program review right away, I won’t repeat my same nasty attitude!

No time for long stories? JOIN HERE!

Classic news Income Program Review; Who is

This is a very pleasant question, and I’ll give you a pleasant answer.

Classicnewsngr is the newest legitimate online business in Nigeria, and with this income program, you can make up to N00,000 weekly depending on your persistence and consistency in the classic news forum income program.

Just for the record, is a registered business with a physical address in port Harcourt Nigeria, they also have a traceable office in Abuja. This alone, speaks value and erases any form of instability that you think may occur.

Classic news is a news platform, rather call it news website. They hunger for publicity and they need your help. Thus, you earn via commenting, sharing of posts, reading the daily news, writing posts, inviting people and much more.

How to Make Money on classicnews  Income Program

Do you really want to learn how to make money from review income stream?

I’ll also walk you through the classic news forum income program review of their dashboard and other interesting things to catch over there.

It’s fun,

There are just two (2) options to make money from this nation income program and you’ll definitely fall in love with the second (2nd) option because it’s quite profitable.


1.  (Classicnewsngr Adverts-revenue Sharing program)

Classicnewsngr is paid to run targeted adverts by companies, agencies, corporations, businesses, and Individuals regularly.
They have decided to give you part of the money we make from advertisement if you participate actively in their forum

Thus, You Earn:
A. N50 for daily login to your active account.
B. N50 for each sponsored post you share on your Facebook wall.
C. N2 for every valid comment you drop in the forum.


2.  (Classicnewsngr Affiliate Program)

Classic news Nigeria affiliate program allows you to earn money by using your referral link to invite your friends to join Classic News Forum. When you join our affiliate program, you:

  • Earn N1,000 for each person you refer to Classic news affiliate program.
  • To register for classic news affiliate program, please Login to your normal account and click on “Affiliate Area” inside your Dashboard.
  • classic news affiliate program has a One-time Registration fee of N1,500 only.
  • You can pay online with your ATM CARD or Bank/mobile Transfer or Offline Bank Deposit or through coupon vendors on the site.

How to Join & Register on Income Program in 5 minutes

To register on, you’ll need to pay the N1,500 with your ATM card, and after successful payments, you can now start making money, your account will be automatically activated as soon as payment is successful. No waiting!


If you don’t have any ATM card, or it’s not working, you can alternatively do a bank transfer or bank deposit to my bank details, while I register the account for you with my ATM card. And you’ll start using your account and start making money ASAP.


Whatsapp 08165652091 if you want me to register you

Free accounts won’t earn you what you’ve seen above. You need to register with the N1,500 to enjoy those benefits.

Now, I really want to congratulate you on becoming a full-fledged member, ready to rock and roll with the bosses. This means you’re now ready to start taking parts in the income program and earn lots of money.


Most importantly, you’ll now make a whooping N1,000 for every person you bring to join the classicnews income program using your referral link or ID preferably.

Now, when you make it a mandate to bring 20 persons weekly, that’s N20,000 weekly for you, when you put more effort, you can be making N20,000+ weekly, just like a member did.

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How Can I Earn And How Much Can I Earn On Classic news Income Program?

1. CAP: As an affiliate, you earn 1,000 per each referral. When you introduce your friends to participate in the Classic news forum, you earn N1,000 Naira from their premium membership entry fee.

CARS: As a participant, we share ad revenue with you when you take part in Classic news income program activities monthly.

2. Active daily login: When you log in to your account daily on CN-N browsing and reading news, you earn N50

3. Reading and comment on a post: When you browse and read the latest post daily, you earn from N5

4. Posting Forum Topic: You earn N100 for posting relevant, interesting and well structure forum topics that get approved on the website by the admins.

5. Sharing sponsored posts on Facebook: We assign a sponsored post to members in their dashboard to share on their Facebook timeline daily, you earn N100 Naira daily on assigned posts you share as recommended.

6. You earn a whopping N1000 if you begin the first to answer of Friday quiz correctly.

1). You Earn instant ₦100 immediately after the registration completed ( Sign up bonus

2). You Earn ₦50 for daily login to your classicnewsngr account


3). You also Earn another ₦100 for sharing Sponsored post to your facebook timeline

₦100×30 =₦3000

4). Each approved post you uploaded on the site give you ₦100..just to upload posts like copying and posting on the site. 100 x 10 = ₦1000

5). You earn ₦5 for each comment you make on the site. You can comment as much as possible depends on you.

6). Be the first five persons to share sponsored and get credited with ₦200


7). Answer Friday quiz and get a whopping N1000

You earn ₦1,000 instantly when you refer someone using your referral link. Referral is optional because Classic News pays all your earnings with or without referrals.


You can start today with a one-time registration fee of N1500 and stand d chance to earn over 10k Weekly


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