How to check your Junior WAEC Result 2020 (JSS3 BECE Result 2020 is out)

JSS3 BECE Result 2020 is out. See this step by step guide on how to check your Junior WAEC result online using your junior WAEC 2020 result checker.

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Note: Don’t be confused. BECE is the same thing as Juniour Waec. So don’t get worked up whether they are same.

If you are actually here to learn how to check your JSS3 BECE result, then this article is for you.

Now let’s get down to the business of the day

I know you have been worried and asking how do I check my BECE result or your BECE result for 2020 jss3 candidates.

It is no longer news that junior waec result is out and other candidates are busy checking theirs, that is why I have made this post on how to check your junior waec result 2020 and also how to print out your BECE (Juniour WAEC result) from the computer.

To those who participated in 2019/2020 BECE exams for JSS3 students, it is quite easy to check your bece exam result by yourself.

When will 2019/2020 Junior WAEC (BECE) Registration commence?

In case you want to know when BECE 2020 Registration will start, kindly note that you will be notified by your school on the exact date your junior waec should commence and also your 2020 junior waec exam timetable for BECE exam  2020.

Now let me blow your mind,

Do you know that I will show you How to check your Junior Waec result or BECE Result online with phone?

Yes, I know before now that you don’t you can check your junior Waec result or BECE results with your smartphone right?

Well, with this post, you are not only going to learn how to check your junior waec result 2020, you will also know how to do it (check your jss3 bece result) with your Smartphone anywhere in the world.

JSS3 BECE Result 2020 is out, See How to check your Junior WAEC Result

This is the step and step guide on how to check your junior waec Result using BECE Result Checker with either a computer or your smartphone.


  • If don’t have your BECE scratch card pin, you need to buy a NECO Result Scratch Card at any NECO office or a reputable and certified Cybercafe for you to be able to view your result successfully.
  • Next,  type in into your browser e.g Chrome, opera mini etc. I advise you to use chrome
  • Select BECE in the Exam Type Section
  • Select the exam year for example, let’s assume your BECE examination year is 2020, you should choose 2020.
  • Scratch the result checking card and type in the PIN
  • Enter your  Examination Number in the space provided
  • Finally click on “Check my Result” button, then a pop-up page will display with your junior waec result.
  • Congratulations

If you have difficulties checking your waec result, kindly drop it in the comment box and I will help you check your bece junior waec result for you for free.


How to Print Your Junior WAEC 2020 Result.

Prior to checking your result, you were wondering how to check your junior waec result right? Now, after you have seen your result, the next thing is to print it right?

Now I will show you the step by step procedure to follow on how to print your BECE 2020 results.

  • Firstly, Connect a printing machine to your computer
  • Press ctrl P (Shortcut key to print on windows)on your keyboard, or click on print on your computer
  • Congratulations!

Note: You can only print when you have checked with a computer and not with a smartphone. If you are using a smartphone to check your junior waec result, download the result in a PDF format and visit any nearest cyber cafe to print.

Wrapping up…

Now that you have known how to check your junior waec result (BECE result for JSS3 students) online, don’t fail to share using the share (facebook, twitter etc )button and drop your comments on the comment box below.



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