How to create a study plan for WAEC

As you start planning for WAEC registration in November/December 2019 or 2020 WAEC examination, see how to create a study plan for WAEC so as to record good success.

Creating a very good study routine for yourself for any WAEC exam whatsoever is easy, provided that you have the willingness to pass and win.

Why many WAEC candidates chooses to use fraudulent backdoors to pass WAEC, you as a prospective WAEC winner should learn how to create a study plan for WAEC early.

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Now, listen, it does really matter what you have learnt from people so far as regards WAEC, some people have chosen to fail WAEC based on the negative judgments about WAEC that they have heard from elsewhere.

Yearly, WAEC does organize exams for school candidates popular known as May/June WAEC and private candidates popularly known as Nov/Dec WAEC, although you may choose to enter and write anyone of your choice but it does not guarantee whether you would pass or not.

Yes, I clearly know that many people have passed WAEC through malpractices and other examination vices, this should be your watchword.

It should not be your plan A, B, or C. What if you get caught? Can you withstand the shame, emotional trauma and the depression that follows?

Always see positivity out of every negative situation. This is why I decided to show you how to starting creating the perfect study plan for your WAEC examination.

4 Great tips on how to create a study plan for WAEC

1. Start preparing

Yes, procrastination is very bad, there’s no other time to start preparing for your SSCE exam than now.

He who fails to plan, plans to fail.

There’s no time to start preparation than starting now. You may think that your exam is still far, but I must tell you that it is around the corner.

Treat all the corners of your towel same as you don’t know the part that will clean your face tomorrow.

Your WAEC preparation comprises of getting all the materials needed, your school note books, journals, WAEC past questions etc.

 Where can I find WAEC past questions?

You can find pass questions online, but I would advise you to purchase them in the nearest bookshops as they have the much updated version.

When you download past question online, it is saved as an ebook to which you may not have the needed resource like phone, laptop and electricity to use it as at when you need them.

So, I advise you to purchase them in bookshops, make use of them judiciously and start preparing.

2. Work on your weakness

Another step on how to create a study plan for waec is to discover your weak points and start working on them ASAP.

If you really wish to pass WAEC exam in one sitting for the last time, you have to take this part serious.

For example, you are very good in English but not good in math or you are very good in math but not good in chemistry as the case may be, it is wise you attach a greater portion of your attention to the subjects you find daunting first.

Let’s say, out of 100%, you attach 80% of your time to the subject you are struggling with then the other 20% to the subjects you find easy and comfortable.

This trick will help you cover more topics and get yourself prepared for your WAEC examination.

3. Enroll in WAEC Lessons

Get yourself enrolled in WAEC lessons, this does not only give you opportunities to meet experts who will simplify hard questions to your understanding, it also gives you the opportunity of meeting and sharing ideas with other WAEC candidates from other schools.

No man is an island, so you may learn one of two new stuffs from your WAEC lesson colleagues.

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4. Pray and Praise in Advance

My final tips on how to create a study plan for WAEC is prayer. Whether you are a Muslim or a Christian, prayer is the key.

God can only honor your hard work. This means that you should not expect success from God when you have not put in effort yourself.

There’s an adage that says “to work is to pray”, this is why I put prayers last. Always acknowledge your maker and ask him to direct your footsteps.

Finally, always praise him for things He has done and things hoped for.

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