Tips to get chevening scholarship (everything you need to know)

Have you heard about chevening scholarship uk? I guess you have not. Not only will I tell you what this scholarship program is all about, I will also give you tips to get this chevening scholarship.

The chevening scholarship is one of the Uk’s educational initiative in offering scholarships to international students in developing countries.

As we all know, Chevening scholarship is one of the United Kingdom government’s international award schemes which is equipped with the vision of developing young leaders globally.

The chevening scholarship serves two distinct purposes thereby offering two opportunities which are:

  1. Chevening Scholarships
  2. Chevening Fellowships

Throughout the world, the  Chevening scholarships offers a unique opportunity for prospective leaders, influencers, and grand decision makers from all over the world to develop professionally and academically, network extensively with others, experience UK and other unique culture, and build lasting positive relationships within the UK.

Winning the chevening scholarship is one of the greatest achievements one can have and achieved. Not only that you are duly admitted, you are also recognized and offered fellowship.

Many testimonies are online about the efficacy of the chevening scholarship scheme by the UK government. That’s why I decided to share these useful tips to get chevening scholarship within little effort.

So reader, fasten up your sit belt as you get into the secret of acquiring chevening scholarship.

Tips to get chevening scholarship (everything you need to know)

Do you plan on applying for the Chevening Scholarship or have you already begun your application? If yes, then this tips on how to get chevening scholarship is for you.

I strongly believe of that the Chevening Scholarship would be very helpful to you. As you plan on beginning your studies in the UK, I have taken my time to research on the tips that has helped a lot of students in time past.

So listen to me as I have taken out time to share six tips that can help you as you apply for the chevening scholarship.


Always have a clear purpose

Before applying for the chevening scholarship opening, you need to have a clear sense of purpose. This will enable you to know how to start applying and how to start preparing for the other task ahead.

However, when you fail to have a purposeful approach to applying, then you start having problems .  that being said, this leads us to the next tip.

Increase your knowledge base

Before applying for the chevening scholarship opening, you have to bee sound upstairs. The scheme is looking for interesting and intelligent individuals to invest in.

When you do not have the need requirement educational and emotionally to handle the task, you tend to be at the receiving end of the result. Take this as one of the best tips to get the chevening scholarship even as I move on the next one.

Be Eligible to the Scholarship

You have to be eligible for the scholarship, because there’s no how you can apply for the chevening scholarship without being eligible for it.

You have to know what is needed from you before you apply.

Always apply early

You should strive to apply earlier. The scheme is a competitive one so, the earlier you apply for the chevening scholarship the better opportunity to relax and prepare well.

Your applications should be at Least two months before Deadline so as to prepare well and participate actively.

Always prepare for the essay in advance

Part of the process of the screening is through writing essays like four times. If you are not so good with essay writing, I advised you start learning how to do so.

Here, you are expected to sell yourself within a specify number of words in a concise manner.

Always be mindful of your spellings

You should be careful with your spellings and your phrases. A simple mistake may be your greatest undoing while preparing for this chevening scholarship award.

Be apt and clear with your words, start contacting your dictionary now.

Be hopeful with your application.

Finally, be hopeful and have faith. Chevening Scholarship takes care of all your bills. In other words, they pay all your expenses to study and live in the UK.

Their message looks like this…..

The UK is pleased to inform you that they have four of the top eight universities in the world. And the UK is a great country to live in.

Now, If you can’t show the interview panel that you are enthusiastic about living and studying in the United Kingdom fully funded, then you alone have to question why you’re applying in the first instance.

If you are very sure about applying for the next batch, apply here chevening scholarship portal


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